Telephone Record Coupler with 3.5 mm plug

Telephone Record Coupler with 3.5 mm plug
Item# TRX-203
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Product Description

This is a DIRECT Replacement for the Lanier LX-1006-2 Telephone Record Coupler for OLDER Lanier Desktops that have a standard MINI PLUG (3.5mm) input jack, or for PC recording. This Telephone Coupler is used to connect a Telephone to any Recorder that has a 3.5 mm input jack. May be used to Record Telephone Conversations, Depositions, etc. Connects between Handset and Base of telephone. Works with any telephone that has a handset which plugs into the base with a modular plug. Records ALL lines of a multi line telephone. The 3.5 mm Connector Plugs into your Cassette Recorder or your PCs "Line In" jack to record to your PC.

Compatible Models: Any recorder that accepts a Standard "Mini Plug" which is a 3.5 mm diameter connector.