Olympus Hands Free Dictation Kit

Olympus Hands Free Dictation Kit
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Product Description

HFDS (hands free dictation solution)

This powerful robust system is built to take advantage of all the Professional features, while being simple and easy to use. It is specifically built for Professionals with a need to dictate hands free, and is especially useful in Pathology Departments.

HFDS Package Contents & Features

OLYMPUS DS7000 Digital Voice Recorder
Designed for professionals who rely on secure, flexible, reliable products, the DS7000 Voice Recorder features real-time 256-bit file encryption, a redesigned, independently housed microphone, enhanced battery life and next-generation Olympus Dictation Management Systems (ODMS) software

ODMS Professional Dictation Software ODMS Dictation Module (DM) is supplied with Recording devices so that dictation authors can easily download and manage their dictations. The Dictation Module can be configured to be completely automated. Once the device is connected to the PC, files will be downloaded automatically and transferred via the Local Area Network (LAN), E-mail, FTP or transcribed automatically using the built-in voice recognition features.

VEC Electronics GOOSNECK MICROPHONE Professional 18 inch uni-directional noise canceling microphone with 10 ft. cord and 3.5mm mono plug.

DAC WATERPROOF 3 BUTTON FOOT PEDAL 3-function control with NEXT JOB, REW/PLAY & RECORD, Durable metal shell will withstand years of use. Rubber feet keep the foot control in place, 14 foot cord.

DOWNLOAD/DICTATE SWITCH With this simple and easy to use Switch, there is no need to remove your recorder from its cradle in order to download your dictation. Simply select download and it will automatically upload your dictation file and send it to the correct transcriptionist.