Olympus DR1200 with PUSH BUTTON Control

Olympus DR1200 USB PC Microphone with Push Button Control
Olympus DR1200 USB PC Microphone with Push Button Control
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Product Description

Olympus RecMic DR1200
USB Microphone with Push Button Control. Has Large Laser Track ball, Highest Dragon Rating of "6", (5) programmable buttons, Direct recording to PC or MAC, Play back volume control, Highly durable USB cable, three-color LED for recording status, SDK available for Integrators.

These Microphones simply plug directly into a USB port on your PC and, using the same familiar push buttons, you just pick up and dictate exactly as you would on your cassette machine, but WITHOUT having to handle cassettes! After dictating, simply click one button and hang up your microphone; the job is immediately transferred to your transcriptionist's PC for transcription using the AS-7000 Transcription Kit! It just couldn't get any easier!!

Requires: Olympus AS-7001 ODMS Dictation Module Software & License.

Includes: DR-1200 manual