Lanier Advocate V Recorder/Transcriber - Reconditioned

Lanier Advocate V Recorder/Transcriber -  Reconditioned
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Product Description

Pre-Owned, Completely Re-Furbished Lanier Advocate V Logging System - The premier court conference recorder with 6 month Warranty!

This unit can be used as a Recorder OR as a TRANSCRIBER! Just Plug in a Foot Pedal and Headset and it is a fully functional Transcriber!

The Lanier LCR5 Advocate is is a 4 track Conference Recorder, continuous recording system designed for courtrooms, legal proceedings,business and professional conferences. Engineered to exceed the specific demands of today's communication environment. These systems are not simply redesigned or modified recording equipment, but rather a creative result of Lanier Healthcare extensive research effort to tailor a logging system to meet the needs of the communications industry.

Key Features:

Voice Separation

Built-in Search Pad

Bar Graph Level Indicator

Auto-recall (variable)

Half/quarter Speed

VOR/Time Injector Input

Built-in speaker

Controls—volume, tone, speed.

Key Features:

Six hour recording The Advocate V can accurately record and document four separate conversations on a single standard cassette. (The system also has a recording capacity of six hours unattended without having to change a tape.) The Advocate V, designed with a dual deck configuration, allows simultaneous recording and playback from a single unit. This means operators can rewind to a previously recorded conversation while still recording on the other deck.

Three operating modes The Advocate V is unique in that it can he operated in three different modes: sequential, dual and copy. The simultaneous mode allows automatic change over to be recorded to the second cassette with a three minute overlap providing continuous, uninterrupted recording. The dual mode records both tapes simultaneously so one deck can act as a scratch pad for instant playback without interrupting the master recording on the other side. For those rare cases when you wish to make a copy of a cassette, the copy mode allows the Advocate to faithfully reproduce all four channels and make an exact duplicate of the recording, on the other deck.

Security Because the security and integrity of recordings is so vital today. Lanier has developed a three-position security key which allows continuous recording, (yet prevents access or the capability to stop recording in the secure mode.) In the off mode, (all functions are disabled and cassettes can not eject from the system.)

Design The Advocate V was designed for the communication recording environment allowing either desktop mounting or racks (fully compatible with 19" rack mounting.) All operational controls are located on the front face panel which makes the system extremely easy for operators to use. The system is also fully portable and requires minimal space and set-up time. The system incorporates a voice operated recording coupler which automatically stops and starts the recording when audio is present. Also built into the system are beep tone couplers which provide a beep to notify calling parties that calls are being recorded. (All of this designed to make installation and operation as smooth as possible.)

Durable The Advocate product line has proven its durability through the years of dependable service. So, if your organization requires continuous monitoring of financial transactions, customer support facilities, (or used is the emergency market to record police, fire, ambulance traffic,) the Advocate V is designed to handle continuous operation, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For over 50 years, Lanier has been dedicated to finding better solutions to your voice recording needs. Lanier is a world leader in information technology!

Optional Parts And Accessories for this Unit:
Optional Transcriber, Lanier Microphone Kit for Advocate V, Omni directional Mic #164-2103, Unidirectional Mic #164-2113, LCX Eraser, C90 Standard Tapes, MP555 Headset, Mic Stand 164-2122,

This Lanier Advocate V has been Completely Refurbished and carries a 6 Month Warranty! May have some cosmetic blemishes, but Guaranteed to Work like New!!